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Custom NOS Systems

Complete NOS systems designed specifically for your application.
  • Single Spray Bar Plate / Dual Spray Bar Plate Systems 
  • Single Fogger / Multiple Fogger Systems
  • Flow bench testing provided for all systems to ensure proper Nitrous to Fuel Ratio
  • Complete Jet Mapping for each system
  • Ignition Timing guidelines
  • Specializing in class specific systems

Racing Engines


Complete custom racing engines designed and assembled for your specific application. This includes bracket racing small blocks to blown Hemi.

  • Specializing in nitrous specific combinations


Parts available from Monte Smith Performance.
  • Complete line of NOS Parts 
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • Fuel Regulators
  • Flow Tools
  • Pin Gage Sets
  • Spark Plug Inspection Lights

Wiring & Plumbing 


Complete race car custom wiring and plumbing services offered to fit any and every racing applicaiton. 

  • NOS installs from basic plates to progressive controlled multi-staged foggers
  • Wiring ranging from the basic control panel to complete race car 
  • Complete race car plumbing